martes, 10 de julio de 2012

What´s in my bag.?

1. I have a perfume in my bag 
2. I have a pouch in my bag
3. I have a book in my bag
4. I have a phone in my bag
5. I have some headphones in my bag
6. I have an iPod in my bag
7. I have a student card in my bag
8. I have a mines in my bag
9. I have bookmarks in my bag
10. I have a pen in my bag
11. I have a box of paintings in my bag

lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

What is she doing?

She is Studynig

He is Playing 

They´re singing

The are Kissing

A poem for Dad...!!

Osmel Pineda 
By: Osmary P

Generous, Responsible, Loving, Inspiring 
Father of Jorge, Jhoendry, Geraldine and Osmary *.*
Who loves his FAMILY, perfumes and cars
Who is afraid of criminals and belgn alone
What to see grandchildren grow up and always happy to see his family and also see all their children sear some profecionales 

This is the perfect gift for my dad?

The perfect gift for my dad is a new phone. He likes a lot of phones. It would also be a perfum because it loves. :D

jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

What are you doing ?

fellow students..!!

Level 1 S331
Ana Vivolo
Luis Granadillo
Maria Paz 
Lauris Fernandez
Fabiola Sardi
Elizabeth Carruyo
Geovanna Pinzón
Maria Fernanda Gonzalez
Eliaines Matos
Paola Guerere
Eliaines Matos
Marysabel Nava
Maria Paz
Marysabel Nava
Andrea Chirinos
Harold Nieles
andrea cohen
Alejandra Pérez
Mariolga Yagüa
Jose Fuenmayor
Emiralys Gutiérrez
Bàrbara Orán
kevin Gonzalez
Leidimar Ramos
Mariangel Arteaga
Juan Alvarez
Rossalen Reyes

Level 1 D332
Samer Buitrago Masri
Ritzmery Ferrer
Damaly Badell
Carlos Frias
Anais Reyes
Kervin Palmar
Hermaris Millan
Carla Piñango
Nelson Espina 
Marianne Romero
Albanys Montoya
Emily Franco

Jose Nava
Hermaris Millan
Jasmin Nava
Leonardo Medelice
Patricia Rincon
Damaly Badell
Maria Agustina Diaz
Carlos Frias
Geraldine Morán
Carla Pinango
Ivaina Garcia
Anghela Hernandez
Andrea Diaz